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Bill Dance American Feeder

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Bill Dance H125 - Full capability feeder comes with battery, solar panel and mount

Capacity - 75lb. Fish Food or 125 Ibs. of Deer Corn Can be shipped FedEx/UPS Ground!

Rustproof - Bill and his team pioneered the use high strength aluminum in our feeders meaning it will never rust

Feather Light - The aluminum body cuts the weight of this feeder in half compared to competitor’s; meaning it's easier to install, clean, and move

Rustproof - These feeders are made with high strength aluminum, ensuring they will never rust. Tthe American Feeder is proudly made of durable material.

Feather Light - Utilizing an aluminum body, this model is significantly lighter than competitive products, making installation, cleaning, and relocation much simpler.

Powder Coated - Expertly powder coated to withstand any harsh conditions Mother Nature may throw their way, guaranteeing their durability and longevity.

Vari-Tilt Base - Experience maximum convenience with the versatile Bill Dance American Feeder base. Whether you're on a bank or dock, simply mount it and eliminate the hassle of switching legs between styles. It’s full adjustability sets this feeder apart.

Rounded Corners - Prevents accidental punctures while filling the feeder with feed bags.

High Velocity Blower - The Bill Dance American Feeder delivers a powerful stream of feed that covers a range of 45 feet in length and 25 feet in width at its maximum.

Dual Motor - Improves feeding efficiency by delivering a precise and measured feed rate, reducing the risk of clogs, waste, and infestation by rodents.

Solar Panel -  The Bill Dance American Feeder comes equipped with a complimentary solar panel, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes and saving you both time and effort.