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Sportfish Start-Up Kit

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Introducing the "Sportfish Start-Up Kit" an expertly curated collection designed for half-acre ponds to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable sportfish pond. This package includes a mix of sportfish species and premium feed that create a balanced, pond start-up, with accelerated growth.


  • Largemouth Bass: 25 juveniles (3-5 inches) - Known for their aggressive feeding habits, Largemouth Bass are perfect for enhancing the sportfishing experience. They typically reach sizes conducive to sport fishing and help maintain the population balance of smaller fish species.
  • Hybrid Striped Bass: 25 juveniles (3-5 inches) - Known for their impressive size and strong fight, these bass add to the entertainment level in the pond, providing a thrilling fishing experience while controlling the population of small fish to promote the growth of other species.
  • Coppernose Bluegill: 100 juveniles - As a primary food source for bass pond predators, they are crucial for the growth of predatory fish, ensuring a rich, natural diet.
  • Redear Sunfish: 40 juveniles - Known for their feeding habits, they help control snail populations which can carry parasites harmful to other fish.
  • Bill Dance Fish Feeder: A state-of-the-art feeder designed to directionally dispense the included feed efficiently, encouraging fish growth and health. simple setup complete with a solar panel, battery and bank or dock mount.
  • Triton Feed: Two 50lb bags (one 1/8" and one 3/16") - Superior to all feeds on the market, this food is specially formulated feeds cater to different stages of fish growth, ensuring optimal nutrition.

Symbiotic Relationships:

This combination of species and equipment sets a private pond for growth. Largemouth and Hybrid Striped Bass keep the population of smaller fish in check, preventing overpopulation and fostering growth in all species. The Bluegill and Redear Sunfish, as well as the premium feed, will effectively stimulate predatory behavior and promote quick growth while providing a high level of energy, ultimately leading to a boosted catch rate and a more remarkable fishing experience.The automatic feeder helps distribute food evenly, and consistently supporting the health and growth of all these fish species.

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