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Backyard-Pond Package

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Pond Sizing Guide

It's common to find small ponds behind homes as a result of construction. These ponds, created during the initial build, are typically difficult to manage and are too small for a breeding population of predators. That's why we've created the Backyard-Pond Package to assist small pond owners with both management and recreational activities.

The ideal package consists of 25 Pond-Ready Hybrid Striped Bass, 100 bluegill, and one bag of 1/8" Starter feed. This combination creates a thrilling fishing outing while promoting rapid growth in both hybrid striped bass and bluegill. When fed daily, the provided feed should sustain for 2-3 months.

When the initial bag of 1/8" starter runs out, be sure to consider a subscription of 3/16" Triton High Protein Feed until the end of the first year, as this will support the bluegill's reproduction and boost the pond-ready hybrid stripers size. Triton 54% protein will help the your bluegill and hybrid striped grow extremely large, even in the smallest ponds.