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Coppernose Bluegill - PREORDER

Shipped in Boxes: 50 (small ponds up to 1/4 acre)
Pond Sizing Guide
PREORDER FOR FALL 2024 Looking for giant bluegill that have a massive reproductive rate to provide forage for  predators? Start with a top-quality bloodline that yields jumbo-sized females! Sold in groups of 50, these juvenile bluegill serve as the primary forage base for predatory fish in ponds. Their prolific reproduction and compatibility with other fish is superior to minnows and other forage fish.  Even better, our bloodline is incredible!
  • For ponds focusing on panfish as a primary forage base: You can stock these bluegill at a rate of 100 to 300 per acre. These are lower typical stocking rates from the fish sellers.  We suggest these fish for pond owners looking to supplemental stock existing populations, to introduce a sound bloodline to existing panfish. As a forage base for your larger sportfish, you want to ensure a healthy, reproducing population that can sustain angling and pressure from predators.

  • For newly established ponds: Contact us .to determine the number of bluegill that should be stocked if they are the primary forage fish for a predator species like largemouth bass and hybrid striped bass.