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STARTER PACKAGE 150 Hybrid Striped Bass & 1 bag 1/8” Starter

Pond Sizing Guide

Start your pond with our STARTER PACKAGE; ideal for new ponds or enhancing existing ponds, featuring 150 Pond-Ready Hybrid Striped Bass juveniles and 1 bag of 1/8" Triton 45% Starter feed. It's designed for pond owners looking for a straightforward approach to establishing a healthy hybrid striped bass population with a simple order.

Our STARTER PACKAGE is tailored for those eager to get their pond life thriving with Hybrid Striped Bass, known for their vigorous growth and suitability for pond environments. This selection is perfect for creating a dynamic and productive pond ecosystem.

The package includes pre-tempered 3-5” fingerlings, ready for a smooth transition into your pond. You'll receive 3 to 5 boxes, designed for easy transport and introduction. We ensure a stress-free adaptation for the fish, with a 100% survival rate guaranteed. We'll provide all the necessary guidance before shipping to prepare you for their arrival.

Please provide a phone number and email at checkout to help coordinate the delivery. This information is essential for a successful delivery and is kept confidential.

Our online purchase process is straightforward, designed for your convenience. If you need help with permit requirements or have specific delivery needs, we're ready to assist.

With our STARTER PACKAGE, you're on your way to establishing a lively and engaging pond environment with Hybrid Striped Bass.