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MAXIMIZE GROWTH RATES with TRITON High-Protein Feed & the Bill Dance American Feeder Solar Automatic Feeder

Elevate your aquaculture game with the TRITON High-Protein Feed, coupled with the innovative American Feeder Solar 75lb Capacity Automatic Feeder. This powerhouse duo is specifically designed to cater to the needs of predatory fish, ensuring rapid growth and optimal health.

Product Features:

  • TRITON Premium Aquaculture Feed

    • High Nutrient Density: Contains 45% protein and 12% fat, providing a balanced diet to stimulate robust growth in largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass and all other pond fish.
    • Floating Feed Design: Ensures efficient feeding, reducing waste and improving water quality.
    • Species-Specific Formulas: Start-Up Kits comes with two 50 lbs bags, one 1/8" Starter for fingerlings and one 3/16" Grower for juvenile to adult fish.
  • American Feeder Solar Automatic Feeder (Made in USA)

    • ALL IN ONE: Feeder comes complete with solar, battery and mount. No need to buy add ons.
    • Solar-Powered: Eco-friendly design with a built-in solar panel that keeps the feeder operational without external power.
    • Large Capacity: Holds up to 75 lbs of feed, reducing the frequency of refills.
    • Robust Construction: Durable, weather-resistant materials suitable for all aquatic environments.


  • Enhanced Growth Rates: Specially formulated to enhance the size and health of largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, crappie, and bluegill.
  • Efficient Feeding: Automated feeding times with adjustable feed amounts to prevent overfeeding and conserve feed.
  • Easy Maintenance: User-friendly design for easy setup and maintenance.

Perfect for fish farmers aiming to maximize the growth and health of their stock, this feed and feeder combination is the most effective on the market. Revolutionize your fish farming practices with TRITON and American Feeder today!

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