Hybrid Striped Bass tolerate temperatures ranging from 39 to 91 degrees Fahrenheit and require dissolved oxygen measuring 6-12mg/l. In other words, they will survive in a wide range of habitats in the southern and eastern United States. However, fish may be more successful when aeration is applied. Pond and Lake aeration broadens the available habitat for your hybrid striped bass. Newalla Fish Company installs ProLake aeration systems in support of your private sport fish program.

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How ProLake Aeration Works

ProLake products are the best in the industry when it comes to water quality management. Degraded or Eutrophic ponds and lakes can be characterized by low levels of dissolved oxygen and highly stratified water (where warm, oxygen-rich water is suspended above cool, oxygen-depleted bottom water).

As anaerobic (devoid of oxygen) conditions begin to develop in the deeper water, naturally occurring aerobic microbes can no longer perform beneficial tasks, such as waste digestion or water purification.

Prolake Quality Components

Durable & Dependable


Impeccably housed within a durable and weather-resistant enclosure, you'll find air pumps, timers, and manifolds - meticulously pre-mounted for unwavering reliability.

Weighted Tubing

Experience worry-free fishing with high quality weighted tubing. Specially designed to settle in the pond bottom, it's completely safe from fish hooks. Say goodbye to snags and hello to hassle-free fishing!

Duraplate Diffusers

Experience the remarkable functionality of specialty diffusers as they effortlessly flip upright upon contact with water, releasing a gentle mist of micro-bubbles that optimize oxygen transfer.


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