Amplify Your Growth Rate and Throughput with FINOCULANT: The Ultimate Organic Growth Stimulant

Skyrocket Your Plant Growth with FINOCULANT

Unleash the explosive power of FINOCULANT - the ultimate organic growth stimulant that propels your plants into a realm of unstoppable giants, that delivers stunning results.

Made from premium organic fish manure sourced from sustainable aquaculture systems, FINOCULANT is perfect for high-value crops grown indoors or outdoors. Our unique process of feeding predatory fish a superior diet results in a waste product bursting with nutrients and vitality. FINOCULANT is the ultimate solution for those seeking exceptional plant quality.

The Core Advantages of Finoculant


Step into a world of vibrant growth
with Finoculant – a fertilizer booster
derived straight from the purest, freshest sources.

Our strategic location at Newalla Fish Company in Oklahoma City, one of the world's few commercialized indoor recirculating aquaculture operations, enables us to deliver this potent fertilizer booster with unmatched freshness direct from the heart of America.

We've done more than reduce the supply chain, we've revolutionized the entire process. By producing Finoculant locally, we have effectively eliminated the transportation and shelf-life deterioration that renders other raw products ineffective. This ensures that Finoculant reaches your
growing medium with maximum potency.

Experience a new level of vitality, free of harsh chemicals and articial additives, where the freshness of our product translates directly into vibrance of your crop.

Finoculant: where freshness meets fertility!!


Harness the power of oxygen with
Finoculant's aerobic process!

Our superior formulation promotes an aerobic process that fosters beneficial bacteria which convert organic and inorganic matter into a nutrient-rich, plant-ready form.

Finoculant is the embodiment of an eco-friendly solution – fostering robust plant growth while helping to reduce your carbon footprint.


At Newalla Fish Company,
we cultivate a specialized domesticated predatory striped bass and hybrid striped bass. These sh require a carb-free, amino-rich diet which translates directly into a super potent organic fish manure.

We've developed a proprietary manure harvesting system that extracts pure manure from our fish production, ensuring that our Finoculant growth booster is truly unique.

Delivering raw, burn-free power, Finoculant provides an optimal balance that can be added to any feeding program - organic or synthetic.

Dive into a sea of growth with Finoculant – where the aquatic world meets the terrestrial in perfect harmony!

What's in the Finoculant?

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Unlock the full potential of your vegetable gardens and crop fields with Finoculant Fertilizer Booster. This specialized organic formula, derived from fishmatter, is designed to enhance the productivity and yield of a wide variety of vegetables, many commonly found in vegetable gardens and farms. Packed with beneficial nutrients from fish manure, Finoculant boosts the efficacy of fertilizers and provides exceptional results for your vegetable growing endeavors.

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