Finoculant Booster - Food Plot

Unleash the Power of Nature for Bigger Beans, Bigger Kernels, and Bigger Attraction!

Experience the ultimate transformation in your food plots with Organic Finoculant Fertilizer Booster. This game-changing formula taps into the incredible power of nature to supercharge your crops, delivering bigger beans, bigger kernels, and greater attraction that will leave you in awe!

Ignite your food plots with a surge of vitality as our specially derived fish manure formulation works its magic.

Get ready for a show-stopping display of productivity and abundance, with luscious legumes like soybeans, cowpeas, lablab, alfalfa, and clovers reaching unprecedented heights. And it doesn't stop there! Witness your wheat, oats, rye, chicory, sunflowers, sorghum, and millet thriving like never before, creating a mesmerizing feast for wildlife.But it's not just about size—it's about creating an irresistible allure that draws in the game like a magnet. With Finoculant, your food plots become an irresistible oasis, luring deer and other wildlife with its rich aroma and nutrient-packed offerings. Prepare for a hunting experience like no other as the increased legume production and enhanced attractiveness become your secret weapon.Get ready to witness the remarkable power of Finoculant Fertilizer Booster. Simply mix with water and treat over your regular program and let the incredible fusion of raw fish manure work its wonders. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a passionate food plot enthusiast, this is the game-changer you've been waiting for.Embrace the call of the wild, seize the opportunity to achieve bigger beans, bigger kernels, and bigger attraction with Finoculant - and Organic Fertilizer Booster. Unleash the power of nature and watch your food plots come alive like never before!

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Unlock the full potential of your food plots and food plot mixes with Finoculant Fertilizer Booster. This specialized organic formula, derived from fish manure, is designed to enhance the productivity and yield of a wide variety of commodity crops, many commonly found in food plots. Packed with beneficial raw manure of predatory fish, Finoculant boosts the efficacy of fertilizers and provides exceptional results for your food plot endeavors.

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The Benefits of Finoculant

1. Enhanced Food Plot Productivity: Finoculant Fertilizer Booster maximizes the productivity of
your feeding program, ensuring your food plots and food plot mixes reach their full potential. Its unique blend of organic ingredients derived from fish manure activate nutrient uptake, improves soil fertility, and stimulates vigorous growth. Experience increased yields and superior quality in legumes (Soybeans, Cowpeas, lablab, alfalfa, red clover, white clover, arrowleaf clover, crimson clover, hairy vetch, austrian winter peas, chickpeas, lentils, faba peas, etc), wheat, oats, rye, chicory, buckwheat, sunflowers, sorghum, and millet.

2. Deer Neutral - No Fear: This booster is derived from predatory fish manure, making it a deer
friendly choice for your food plots - no odd synthetic smells. It supports sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring the health and integrity of the ecosystem while providing optimal results.

3. Beneficial Raw Manure: The beneficial raw manure in Finoculant Fertilizer Booster enhances
soil structure, promotes nutrient cycling, and fosters a robust soil ecosystem. This raw manure
contributes to improved nutrient availability, disease resistance, and overall plant health, leading to thriving and resilient food plots.

4. Easy Application and Compatibility: Applying is simple. Mix the booster with water according to
the recommended ratios and apply using common application equipment. Incorporate it seamlessly into your existing fertilizer program for convenient and effective food plot management.

5. Bonus Hunting Benefits: By boosting the efficacy of your fertilizer, the productivity of your crop and nutrient richness of your food plots, Finoculant Fertilizer Booster can create prime hunting
opportunities. The increased legume production and overall attractiveness of the food plots draw deer and other wildlife, enhancing your hunting experience. More production of bigger beans, bigger kernels, bigger attraction.

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Welcome to Newalla Fish Company! Our mission is to provide private pond and lake owners with an exciting sport fish experience by offering top-quality pond-ready fingerlings that are raised specially for private waters. Our unique approach involves maintaining focus on creating pond-ready hybrid striped bass and domesticated striped bass, allowing us to produce a true pond-ready sport fish with exceptional performance without risk of invasive effects, disease or bacterial contamination.

At Newalla Fish Company, we don't deal in multiple species like giant fish farms do, because we believe in the value of focused discipline. Instead, we use state-of-the-art recirculating aquaculture systems to create the most powerful and sought-after sport fish fingerlings on the market. We carefully tune their performance to ensure they are ready to thrive in private waters, even in the smallest ponds. Our fish are incredibly powerful from the start, and our customers enjoy lasting success through effective communication and support.

Our Facility - Certified by Oklahoma Dept of Agriculture

Our facility is not open to the public, but it is certified by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture for aquaculture production and sale. This allows us to maintain high standards of quality and service, far exceeding what you might find from a common fish truck. We are committed to continuous improvement, constantly refining our model to help pond owners navigate the unique characteristics of their ponds and maximize the biomass of fish in their water. Our goal is to transform mundane ponds into incredibly productive bodies of water that support large and energetic fish.

Meet Our Owner, Brent Kernes - A Passionate Fishing Enthusiast

Newalla Fish Company is owned and operated by Brent Kernes, a fishing enthusiast with a lifelong passion for growing big fish in private ponds. Brent's journey in the fishing industry started in the early 1990s, when he was just a boy scraping barnacles off boat hulls and pumping gas at marinas. He eventually landed a job on commercial fishing rigs off the Atlantic Coast, working on crabbing and shrimping vessels. In his 20s, Brent began building custom fishing rods for charter and competitive fishing rigs in the professional king mackerel and largemouth circuits, fueling his passion for the sport.

Brent's work in the fishing industry was put on hold when he served in the military for 13 years, developing a new perspective before being discharged as a wounded warrior in Oklahoma in 2011. He then turned his attention back to aquaculture and started working with Hybrid Striped Bass in small ponds in Oklahoma in 2012. Brent holds a Master's in Business from Columbia Southern University and a Certificate in Executive Data Science from Johns Hopkins University. As a lifelong learner, he always learning leading experts in the aquaculture industry. His commercial fishing experience, combined with his education, has set the stage for the successful development of a new recreational pond fish market that is gaining popularity throughout the United States.

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