Hybrid Striped Bass tolerate temperatures ranging from 39 to 91 degrees Fahrenheit and require dissolved oxygen measuring 6-12mg/l. In other words, they will survive in a wide range of habitats in the southern and eastern United States. However, fish may be more successful when aeration is applied. Pond and Lake aeration broadens the available habitat for your hybrid striped bass. Newalla Fish Company installs ProLake aeration systems in support of your private sport fish program.

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How ProLake Aeration Works

We've worked hard to make ProLake products the best in the industry when it comes to water quality management. Degraded or Eutrophic ponds and lakes can be characterized by low levels of dissolved oxygen and highly stratified water (where warm, oxygen-rich water is suspended above cool, oxygen-depleted bottom water).

As anaerobic (devoid of oxygen) conditions begin to develop in the deeper water, naturally occurring aerobic microbes can no longer perform beneficial tasks, such as waste digestion or water purification.

With time, water quality greatly decreases, leading to unsightly blooms of algae, the accumulation of organic sludge and the buildup of gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Low oxygen levels can also lead to fish kills. ProLake aeration combats low oxygen environments and stratification efficiently and effectively keeping ponds and lakes healthy and safe.

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Diffused Aeration Circulation

ProLake™ Duraplate™ diffusers create a laminar current that moves, stirs and pushes air through the water column at 1,000-2,500 gallons of water per minute (depending on the application).

The process is simple, but incredibly effective in creating proper oxygenation for your body of water:

1. Air is blown through the Duraplate™ diffuser from the compressor.
2. Water is heavily oxygenated as air from the diffuser rises through the water column.
3. A laminar/continuous current is created.

Luckily, degraded ponds and lakes can easily be enhanced with the addition of lake bed aeration systems from ProLake. Lake bed aeration acts to increase dissolved oxygen levels, while eliminating water stratification. Aerobic microbes can then re-colonize deeper water where they rapidly begin to digest accumulated organic sludge and improve water quality.

Newalla Fish Company, LLC encourages customers to consider aeration systems to support their hybrid striped bass stocking program. Contact us for your customized ProLake Aeration system.

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Electric Aeration

ProLake1 Aeration Systems are designed to clean and clear smaller ponds and lakes measuring up to 5 surface acres.ProLake1systems offer a powerful ½ horsepower compressor capable of delivering 5.3 cubic feet of air per minute to our non-clogging, self-cleaning Duraplate™ diffusers.They’re topped off with high volume cooling blowers, a programmable timer and fully adjustable, brushed aluminum manifolds.All housed in a durable, sound-deadening cabinet backed by a lifetime warranty.The result is a high-end, energy efficient aeration system that will keep your pond clean and problem free for many years to come.

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Why Choose Solar Aeration?

No electricity? No problem! Keeton Industries is the World leader in solar aeration systems—there are no competing systems that equal Solaer® systems. So what makes Keeton better?

The Keeton Industries Solaer® series of solar powered lake bed aeration systems are the ideal choice for remote ponds and lakes where power is not available or solar is preferred.

The patented Solear® solar aeration systems come complete with a high efficiency solar panel, charge controller, battery back-up for running during nighttime hours, EcoFlow™ energy efficient compressor, high volume cooling fans, programmable digital timer and an adjustable aluminum manifold housed in an attractive, sound deadening cabinet. 

Solaer’s powerful EcoFlow™ compressor delivers a strong payload of compressed air to our self-cleaning, never-clog Duraplate™ diffusers that keep your pond or lake clean and healthy throughout every season."

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