Our Story

Our aim is to bring pond owners an exciting fish experience. We try not to compete with the large fish companies that produce volumes of traditional species. Rather, we carry one of the most difficult to find sport fish and the products most helpful to grow them large and healthy, even in the smallest ponds. Our customers enjoy lasting communication for success.

Our stocking strategy is a bit different. Before we show up, we’ll discuss your pond with you and pull it up on the map. We use geo-spatial data analysis to develop a pond-specific plan to ensure you don’t overstock your pond. This analysis provides an accurate number of fish based of your pond or lakes' capacity and allows us to develop recommendations for stocking, feed and the most effective water management for your pond. Some of our recommendations will include:

  • Capacity based supplemental stocking of predators and feed fish proportionate to your pond or lake’s size
  • Feed plans
  • Use chemical-free methods to reduce suspended mud particles (Common problem in Oklahoma)
  • Installation of solar and electric continuous duty aeration systems

Our Facility

Our facility is not open to the public but is certified by the Oklahoma Dept of Agriculture for Aquaculture production and sale. In part, avoiding a store front empowers us to offer higher quality products and service than your standard fish truck.

Our hybrid striped bass, performance feed, and aeration equipment have introduced Oklahoma pond and lake owner’s to high quality sport fish never before available in the region. …As of 2019, we set up a new supply chain, providing the world’s best pond and lake products at competitive prices as we reduce overhead by removing the high cost of a public store front, the need for large trucks and delivery fees.

We work to continuously improve our model to help pond owners negotiate the unique nature of every pond in order to maximize biomass in their water. Our aim is to introduce Oklahoma pond owners to an exciting experience that converts mundane ponds into incredibly productive bodies of water that grow large and energetic fish.

We don’t just trade a bag of fish for a check, we actually show up and set the stage for success.

Our Owner, Brent Kernes

The owner, Brent, has worked in fishing industries since the early 1990s. As a boy, he first scraped barnacles off boat hulls and pumped gas at marinas when he was barely strong enough to drag a gas hose. Eventually landed a job on commercial fishing rigs off the Atlantic Coast, working primarily on crabbing and shrimping vessels. In his 20s, he began custom rod building as he outfit charter and competitive fishing rigs in the professional king mackerel and largemouth circuits with high performance custom rods. But, his work in the industry was merely fuel for his passion - growing big fish in his private ponds. A 10 year break from aquaculture also helped develop a new perspective while serving in the military before being discharged in Oklahoma as a wounded warrior in 2011. He began working with Hybrid Striped Bass in small ponds in Oklahoma in 2012.

Brent holds a Master’s in Business from Columbia Southern University and a Certificate in Executive Data Science from Johns Hopkins University.A combination of mentorship from leading experts in the industry, commercial fishing experience and education have set the stage for a new recreational pond fish market in Oklahoma.

In 2019, he opened Newalla Fish Company, LLC from his home in Newalla, Oklahoma. Since then, he has proudly provided Oklahoma private pond owners with over 20,000 hybrid striped bass - effectively establishing a new pond fish market in the state.