Newalla Fish Company

Sapphire Blue Lake and Pond Colorant


If you are looking for a high quality, long lasting, safe and natural looking pond dye? Try one of Sanco's newest pond dye options, Sapphire Blue.

Pond dyes will improve your water quality and clarity, while maintaining its color. We have several different colors and options to choose from depending on your personal preference.  Pond dyes are also the safest product to use in any preventive pond program.

Sapphire Blue uses a proprietary formula to enhance your pond or lake with a beautiful, natural dark blue color.

    • Clears up muddy ponds
    • Formulated for use with humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, potable water and irrigation
    • Maintain color and clarity for up to 30 days
    • Helps settle out dissolved solids
    • 1 gallon treats 1 surface acre, 4 - 6 feet deep