Newalla Fish Company

Solaer® 1.2 Solar Pond Aeration System

Pond Sizing Guide

For ponds up to 2 acres

Features & Benefits of Solar Pond Aeration:

  • Aerates Ponds/Lakes Where No Electricity Is Available

  • Average 20 Hours Of Run Time Day And Night

  • Battery Back-Up For Cloudy Conditions

  • Improves Water Clarity & Quality

  • Oxygenates Entire Water Column

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Solaer 1.2+ Comes With 200 Feet of Alpine Weighted Airline

  • Comes With A FREE 8 lb. Bucket of ClearLake Pond & Lake Clarifier

The patented battery backup systems are the ONLY solar pond aeration system that can operate day and night, for as long as 20 hours. Other aeration systems that are on the market can only run while the sun is shining.