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POWER PACKAGE 250 x 3-5" Pond-Ready Hybrid Striped Bass & 2 Bags of 1/8" Starter

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Shipped in boxes (only where licensed): Feed and fish ship separately. Feed will ship Ground; Fish ship priority overnight
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Introduce a large group all at once with our POWER PACKAGE. Kick off your new pond or enhance your old one with 250 Pond-Ready Hybrid Striped Bass and 2 bags of 1/8" Triton 45% Starter feed. This all-in-one package includes feed and fingerlings, useful for larger private ponds or smaller ponds used for agritourism or short term rental cabin ponds where aggressive daily fishing occurs. 

Cultivate Excitement for Private Ponds: Power Your Pond with Excitement: Ideal for pond owners and vacation cabin ponds, our Newalla Hybrid Striped Bass are the secret to turning fishing into a legacy of thrills and memories. These fingerlings are bred for action, promising unforgettable moments and repeat visits. Dive into the experience—where every cast brings families closer and every catch is a story in the making.

Seamlessly Packaged, Pre-Tempered Fingerlings: This is a big load, so have your vehicle ready to accept the boxes and be ready to take them straight to the pond.  You will receive between 5 and 8 boxes of pre-tempered 3-5” fingerlings, ready for a stress-free transition to your pond. Our patent-pending delivery process ensures no delays, no property damage, and no sun exposure risks – just open the bag and introduce them directly into your pond for 100% survival, guaranteed.  We will walk you through the process on the phone before shipping so you will be ready.

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Elevate your pond experience with Newalla Pond-Ready Hybrid Striped Bass fingerlings – because life is too short for boring ponds.