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Health Certified Sportfish - Premium Aquaculture Feed

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The Norman Transcript features Newalla Fish Company!
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The Norman Transcript features Newalla Fish Company!

The Norman Transcript features Newalla Fish Company was featured in the Sunday News! See the article showcasing our company in the Editor’s Pick in the Norman Transcript.

We are super excited about 2021 spring hybrid striped bass stocking and the new Newalla Fish Company Performance Packages! Within hours of the Transcript highlighting our upcoming spring effort, our website hits for “pond stocking” and “fish farm near me” doubled.

The Transcript did well to highlight why some customers look to stock our fingerlings. Some other benefits:

Live stocking guarantee – We are 100% free delivery in Oklahoma. We don’t expect our customers to be fish-transport experts.

Large Fingerlings – We’ll grow the fingerlings to 4-5″ for greatest stocking survivability. Too small and the fingerlings can struggle to survive predation; too large and transportation can be difficult.

Performance feed – We carry the right feed for predatory fish. For the most energetic and active hybrid striped bass look for Triton, a 45% protein feed designed for carnivorous fish. (See our blog post about feed.)

Thanks again to the Norman Transcript for showcasing Newalla Fish Company!!!



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