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50lb Triton 4512 1/8” Starter

Pond Sizing Guide

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Fuel early juvenile growth with Triton 4512 1/8” Performance Starter; the key to explosive first-year growth!

  • Perfectly Sized Pellets: The 1/8” floating pellets are specifically designed for juvenile fish, ensuring optimal feeding and accelerated growth.
  • High Protein for Enhanced Development: A formula rich in protein to foster rapid, healthy growth.
  • Ideal for Young Sportfish: Specially effective for species like young largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, bluegill, red-ear sunfish.
  • The Unspoken Advantage: This is the powerful boost experienced pond managers choose for a noticeable first-year growth spurt.
  • Recommended Feeding Method: Measure and toss one or two measured portions daily for optimal performance; the small pellets may drain from feeders. To utilize auto-feeders, mix 50/50 with 3/16" pellets before loading.

Unlock your pond's untapped potential with 1/8" Triton 4512 - the key to fantastic growth in its initial year!