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5-7" Pond-Ready Hybrid Striped Bass

Quantity: 50
Pond Sizing Guide

PREORDER FOR FALL 2024 -  5-7" Pond-Ready Hybrid Striped Bass - Pay now to secure a reservation for a portion of the limited stock. Once available, you will receive an email and/or a phone notification regarding your order.

Accelerated Results with Larger Juveniles: Experience quick results with our 5-7” Pond-Ready Hybrid Striped Bass juveniles. Raised in our state-of-the-art indoor facility, these juveniles are nurtured to be vigorous and larger, ready to thrive in your pond. They are perfectly acclimatized to ensure immediate adaptation to the surface temperatures of your pond location.

Significant Size Advantage with 5-7" Juveniles:  These larger juveniles consume bigger prey than the 3-5" fingerlings, offering a jumpstart on population control and growth. Our patent-pending delivery process guarantees safe and prompt arrival, ready for a seamless introduction to your pond.

Limited Availability - High Demand Product:  5-7" Pond-Ready Hybrid Striped Bass juveniles are in high demand and frequently sell out. The inventory on our website may not always reflect the latest stock levels. If checkout is unavailable, please email us. We will promptly send you an invoice for a deposit and place you on our priority list for the first available delivery. Don’t miss your chance to secure these sought-after juveniles for your pond.

Essential Contact Information for Efficient Delivery: Provide your phone number and email at checkout to ensure a smooth delivery experience. This information is vital for our live delivery guarantee and successful fish transfer. Your privacy is important to us; your details will remain confidential.

Easy Online Ordering with Personalized Support: Use our user-friendly online checkout for standard delivery areas. Should you encounter any restrictions, our team is ready to assist with import permits and tailor delivery solutions for your area.

Jumpstart Your Pond with High-Demand Juveniles: Opt for Newalla 5-7" Pond-Ready Hybrid Striped Bass juveniles for faster a faster path to an incredible pond. Avoid the wait associated with smaller fish - embrace the benefits of our larger juveniles today. Act quickly to enhance your aquatic environment – these premium juveniles are a popular choice and sell fast.