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Bulk (Palletized) 1/8" Triton Starter

Pallet Sizes: 20
Pond Sizing Guide

Kickstart the growth of juvenile predatory species in their crucial first year with Triton 4512 1/8” Starter Feed, an essential choice for outdoor tourism venues aiming to reach profitability quickly:

  • Optimized for Young Fish: Specially sized 1/8” pellets for easy consumption by juvenile fish, enhancing growth and development.
  • Bulk Savings for New Stocks: Available in 1000lb (20 bag) and 2000lb (40 bag) pallets, offering significant cost savings.
  • Convenient Freight Delivery: Hassle-free direct delivery to your location.
  • High-Protein Starter Nutrition: Formulated to boost the early growth stages of sportfish. 
  • Feeding Method: Ideal for hand-tossing or mixing with 3/16” pellets for use in feeders.
  • Perfect for Outdoor Fishing Adventures: Specifically beneficial for venues stocking young predatory species like hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, tiger bass, bluegill and red-ear sunfish.

 For a personalized quote including freight delivery, simply:

  • Email us your needs
  • Specify the quantity: 20 or 40 bags
  • Include your freight delivery address

We'll respond with a detailed quote tailored to your requirements. Contact us today to streamline your feeding solutions!