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50lb Triton 4512 3/16” Performance

Pond Sizing Guide

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Maximize your pond's predatory species vitality with Triton 4512 3/16” Performance feed, designed for growing large sportfish and perfect for automated feeders:

  • Optimized Pellet Size for Automatic Fish Feeders: The 3/16” floating pellets are ideal for adult fish, ensuring ease of feeding and compatibility with automatic feeders.
  • High Protein Formula: Contains 45% protein to support sustained growth and health in adult fish populations.
  • Perfect for Mature Sportfish: Specially effective for largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, bluegill, and red ear sunfish.
  • Designed for Adult Fish Sustainment: 3/16" pellets maintain a vigorous and healthy adult fish community.
  • Automatic Feeder Friendly: The preferred choice for ponds with automatic feeding systems, ensuring consistent and efficient feeding.

With 3/16" Triton 4512, you're choosing a feed that not only nourishes but also promotes incredible growth in your predatory pond fish.