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Pond-Ready Pure Strain Striped Bass

Quantity: 25
Pond Sizing Guide

    Pre-Order for Fall 2024: Pond-Ready Pure Strain Striped Bass - $7.99 Each: Be sure to secure your school of pre-acclimated striped bass for you pond or lake. You will receive an alert via email or phone when your purchase is ready to deliver. Reserve now to avoid missing out, with shipping occurring between August and December. Order early, these unique predators sell out every year.

    Unmatched Growth in Private Waters: Boasting the highest potential for size and vigor, these domesticated pure strain striped bass are a rarity for private owners, making them a prestigious addition to any large pond or lake.

    Specially Bred for Freshwater Success: Cultivated to thrive in freshwater ponds, our pure strain striped bass adapt quickly, showing immediate growth and health improvements, thanks to their training on 45% protein floating pellets and eagerness to feed on panfish.

    The Preferred Choice for Profit and Prestige: Ideal for enhancing the allure of high-fence areas and luxury short-term rentals, these fish are the top pick for upscale aquatic entertainment, promising both enjoyment and return on investment.

    Limited Availability for Exclusive States: Currently, shipping is available to a select list of states. Due to high demand and unique breeding requirements, stock is limited. Ensure you pre-order early to secure these sought-after sportfish for your private pond or lake.

    Seamless Delivery Experience: Provide essential contact details at checkout for a smooth delivery process, supported by our live delivery guarantee. We prioritize your privacy and the successful introduction of the fish to your pond or lake.

    Effortless Online Pre-Ordering: Utilize our straightforward online system for pre-orders. Our team is on hand to assist with any necessary permits or customized delivery solutions.